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Incentive Leisure Reclaim Certificate Scheme

These Reclaim Certificates were used widely by Incentive Leisure and ILG through there marketing activities, clearly they had thought long and hard about what questions there prospective new clients would have, as most people who had purchased a Timeshare before they came across Incentive Leisure are very guarded as they have learned that it is a business that attracts some unscrupulous businessman and women.

The Reclaim Certificate offer was used on unsuspecting people as a WOW factor within there sales process, we have been told by clients that the sales person from Incentive Leisure would put it across as.

Look to help you make your mind up today and today ONLY I can offer you this amazing opportunity we are giving you the opportunity to get a Reclaim Certificate, you may ask what is a Reclaim Certificate, the scheme has been set up because demand is so high for the memberships that the price will increase over the coming years they will even act as a sound investment for you, the worst that can happen is that you will get ALL your money back in just 51 months.

Clearly the Incentive Leisure Directors had knowledge from the first moment that they concocted this Reclaim Certificate Scheme that it would at some point fall apart and true to form unfortunately for thousands of people have now realised this.

Does your Reclaim Certificate Look Like This...
Incentive Leisure Reclaim certificate

Article Originally Posted on: 07/03/2012

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